Yesterday was my husbands birthday. I cannot say how old he is as I can’t ever remember to which year he was born into. If he ever does read this blog I will hear “I told you so”. Lets hope he doesn’t read this part of it. So back to his birthday, I am trying to make it seriously the best. Also its not one of the big zeros. He is over 40, but not quiet 50 yet….still though its my job to make sure it is the best one yet. So I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. Seriously the man just wants sex, which I am totally cool with….but he cannot open that in front of our kids. So I am trying to come up with other idea besides the sex. I came to the conclusion I can get this man anything he wants…but he will not have time for it. He works 50+ hrs. a week and when he comes home he is dead ass tired and wants to do very little.

I want him to enjoy his birthday like the kids and I always enjoy ours. The decision was made a fish cleaning kit, not super expensive, yet not cheap. He absolutely loves to fish, as do most men. I also decided since he keeps saying he needs shorts…well boom wife got you shorts. These by any means are not amazing gift, but I am hoping that I will get a smile out of him this year also. Its not as amazing as last year….the man got a deep fryer and acted like a child with a new toy. He loves that thing….always wants to go fishing to fry them fish for us. Oh yeah and on top of his birthday is fathers day this weekend….so more presents!!

We ended up having a few friends over and having a few drinks. I just want to say after putting all this thought into these presents he ended up getting two….which were actually his fathers day presents. He got his sweet glasses for fishing and his fish cleaning kit, and the only reason was because our 12 year old Rhian had caught a fish. Well my husband was actually pretty psyched about that and ended up showing our son how to fila a fish. Wait though that wasn’t the only surprise he got for his birthday.

When putting the three little ones to bed and placing sheets on their beds I noticed one of the boys had bugs crawling on it. Well my parents just found out they had a infestation of bedbugs due to my sister…who has been at my fricken house. We have been keeping an eye out for it….but we may have some. The mattress is outside till we get the bug killers over here…or pest control as normal people call them. I just want to add by no means does this mean that I or anyone else is dirty because they have bed bugs. So don’t worry for us I use to be in house keeping at a hospital and I know what measures to take in this situation.

So I think all in all even with possible bed bugs included he had a very eventful birthday. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or concerns in my comments feed. Thanks for reading .

Middle age is when you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn’t for you. 

Ogden Nash

One thought on “Birthday!!!

  1. I absolutely love that this is about REAL life. Sometimes we get caught up in the hussle and bussle of life we forget we all have everyday struggles. ❤


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