Octavia here!!! I am sure everyone has had to have some talk with their children about privilege . What does this word mean? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary privilege is defined as a right or immunity granted as a particular benefit, advantage or favor. My children are privileged they are more privileged then most. They have cell phones, game systems, laptops, expensive instruments, loads of toys. They get to do a lot of what they want at any given time. Along with this the have a house live in , food on the table, running water to brush their teeth. Now you as a parent may be like the second is a necessity, well not all parents are able or willing to provide those things to their children. I am more focused on the items they have and the things they get to do in life.

My 15 year old ( Kait) and 12 year old ( Rhian) have the privilege of going to a school thirty minutes from our house. Now let me explain. We moved thirty minutes from where we lived last year. We do have schools in this community that we live in that they can go to. We kept them all in the same school because they were already enrolled, and I worked in the area still. There was also a promise made that they could attend this school from their dad. These kids were moved from school to school every year due to mom wanting to move for jobs or because of treatments. Their mom had Breast Cancer at the time and passed away in 2017. Their father told them they wouldn’t have to switch schools again, which leads us to a deeper conversation.

I want to say almost a month ago our Kait and Rhian got into a fight. Okay no big deal siblings fight it happens when you have an age difference. Well what ended up happening is while attending a band concert that Kait was in Rhian was not being behaved. After Kait and her friends wanted to take pictures and Rhian was getting impatient like little brothers do. Kait and her band friends came up with the idea to get ice cream and while trying to get Rhian in the car he ran away. He didn’t want to be near his sister she was acting like a jerk to him. Well she left him and went and got ice cream with her friends. The kids were staying at Chris’s ( husband) moms house because she lives were they go to school. We got a call from Chris’s mom freaking out that Rhian had walked to here house alone and he had fell and broke his phone. She then proceeded to tell us it took him 30 minutes to walk home from the middle school where the concert was to her house. This walk only takes 10 to 15 minutes and should have not taken this long. The kids were staying at her house that night because the concert was so late.

Now here is the thing Rhian did not fall and break his phone…..he threw it because his sister had pissed him off. Now running away from people is his thing, when he’s mad her runs from you and breaks things. So they were not getting alone, they caused Sidney( Chris’s mom ) a lot of grief. She asked them to do one simple thing, stay together and walk home together. It really shouldn’t be that hard right. Well with teens and preteens they make life more complicated with their drama then they need to. With that being said they are on dad probation. This means they are on a probation period where they have to be nice to each other. The deal is if they get three strikes they cannot go to the school they have been going to and they have to transfer to the one closer to our home. Chris’s theory is that Kait will be able to drive soon and can drive them back and forth from school. If they cannot get along how are they going to be able to ride in a car together? So they are on probation were they have to be nice to one another and if my husband catches them not being they are getting a strike.

These two do not think this if fair. Let me say that I believe it is beyond fair. He is giving them an opportunity to show they can be nice to one another. They have to earn the right to go to the school they have been going to. See they think just because he said they could stay at the school that they have the right to. They don’t get along though. Imagine the two of them in the car, Rhian getting mad and trying to jump out of the car…..cant see it well I can. They now have to earn the right to go there and they think it is massively unfair. Well they are learning that sometimes life is unfair and if you want something bad enough you have to work for it.

We cater to our children so much. An yes they act the way they act because we allowed them to think they had rights to things. In all actuality they have only rights to food in their mouths, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads. I feel that as a parent I treat my children so much differently then what I was treated as a child. I would have never argued with my parents if they said we were moving. It was not a choice as a kid, if we moved counties you went to that school. So as much as my children don’t think they are privileged they sure as hell are then most kids. Do you think your kids feel privileged….that they think they have the right to do what they want? Just think about how your kids are raised. Are they appreciative of the things they get or the things we do for them? Feel free to comment or tell a story of your own. Octavia out ladies and gents!!!!!

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