The Taking part II

Hey you all. I am back from my mental break down ready and refreshed for some more stories in your life. Recently my last post was about me saying how much my family asks me to do, and me having enough. Well after talking to my husband about my whole meltdown we came to some conclusions…and experimentation into the lives of

So Chris and me had a conversation about how overwhelmed I am with the kids always asking for things. Then we got on the subject of what he doesn’t have to do because they ask me for everything. His solution for this was to tell them to ask him. Ask dad for everything that they would ask me for. He said give it a month and we will see how it goes. I told him I dont think he realizes what type of questions they ask me all day…or what they ask me for. He said no its fine, just tell them to ask me. People this started the day after my Taking part I. An I am about to tell you right now moms…my stress level is down…and he is like what the fuck.

I have a few examples. Unless they are asking for food for meals they have to ask dad. Things such as ” Hey mom can we go to the park.” an then I say ask Chris or dad depending on who I am talking to. An the little ones are like but hes not here…and then there are meltdowns….so for them I may say yes or no. The bigger ones who are fully capable of making decisions and calling their dad have to. Kait wanted to go to her grandmas house and asked me if it was okay. I said call your dad, she says if he says its okay can I go. I said you have to call him first and then he has to tell me yes or no. She did not like that….not at all. The reason being is my husband is at work, he’s not going to message her back right away. An that pisses them off like no other. They want an answer right now…they don’t want to wait…and they have to and its deterring them from asking me small stupid things such as what is for dinner? How to microwave ramen? Do you think we can get McDonalds for dinner?

When my husband gets home from work I definitely make the little kids ask Chris for everything before I or he gets it. An I found this to be funny, and not funny. Chris was going to order pizza the one night and he said just let me know when you guys are hungry. Ben told me he was hungry so I told him to go tell dad. Apparently he ran outside seen his dad talking to one of his friends and ran back inside. Ben is two…he is very very smart for being two though. Normally he would tell his dad he was hungry, when other people are around he doesn’t really know he is shy. So Ben starts playing with toys….then he comes back to me ten minutes later crying he is hungry. An I get up and go outside yelling what the hell is going on. Ben is crying that he’s hungry…did he not come out here and tell your he was hungry? Apparently he did not….so sometimes the asking dad stuff does not work.

Along with this I was talking to my cousin who offered up solutions to me mostly always being with the kids. She suggested one weekend as a family doing whatever we may do. A weekend for me and my husband to do what we want to do with no kids. Then we each should have a weekend too ourselves without anyone. Here is the thing we have five kids. One is almost always working and she is the oldest…the only one really capable of watching kids for a long period of time. Chris’s mom is another person that would watch them…if she wasn’t on 12’s most of the time. My sister will take one kid…but cannot take them all. So we have limited options so we have to plan accordingly to do these things. Example being this Saturday we are going to stay at a friends camper for the night. Go fishing Sunday morning and then come home.

So if you are a mother or a father and feel like you need a break from one another or your kids take it. So one weekend as a family, one together, and one from everyone. It is okay to take breaks in life….don’t abandon all hope. Life is hard sometimes we need a break…and I know older generations also didn’t get a break…but if you look at the world now compared to then….so much different. Take the time you need as a parent before you get all overwhelmed and stressed. Have your partner help you if you are feeling overwhelmed….they should be there to help you too.

Peace out Octavians!!!!!

One thought on “The Taking part II

  1. Taking a breath for you’re own mental health should be something everyone encourages! To many people bury their own mental well being under society’s ideals, not realizing how much better they would feel if they stepped back. Even if its 2 hours to yourself at a park, you have to care for yourself so you can be at your best for your family!


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