Reaching out

Welcome back readers!!!! I just want to say that I know my blog is not reaching everyone. It is reaching enough to know that what I write is being read. I just want to say thank you to those that are reading this and taking in somewhat of what I am saying. I had a friend reading blog reach out to me about a dilemma they were having that I have touched on in one of my blogs. To you thank you very much for reaching out and trying to let me help you. I know that sometimes it is hard for us to reach out for information or for some type of support. Most people are strong, embarrassed or think others do not care. Please, please do not think this.

If you need emotion support, if you need physical support or just questions answered please do not hesitate to ask someone for help. As embarrassing as some as you think some of these things are they can get worse. I just wanted to throw a shout out to the person reaching out to me for a form of information and help. Again thank you for reading my blog!!!!

One thought on “Reaching out

  1. So true, everything from a kind word to illness, no one wants to “burden” their friends or family with these things. Or reach out to ask for any help, but that’s exactly what family is for, its why we choose the people we call friends! Reach out, let your loved ones help you from your self isolation.

    Good on you for being so open and helping others grow!!


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