About Me

Well I hope you all are sitting down for this interesting about me information. A little background about me if you will. I come from a family of seven myself. My father went to prison when I was about five for murder two counts. Well I know you are all probably like what!!! Yeah I was like what when I got older too, but mother told me all the details of the story. Anyway so my two brothers, two sisters and me were raised by my mom of course and the man I consider my step-father today. They are not married but he has been there since I was six or seven, about 25+ years. My up bringing was semi normal….even though people knew what my real dad. I graduated from a small high school compared to most, then went to college. I have a degree in Health Administration/ Insurance Specialist. An now will never us it because I hate the though of sitting at a desk my whole life, also a bad experience kind of has deterred me.

The very first thing that I really tell people about myself is that I am a mother to five. An that conversation always starts with strange eyes looking at me like I am nuts. Okay well here is the thing my husband has three, I have one, and we have one together. It really doesn’t matter that I explain that people still think I am nuts….which I kind of am. I had a big family growing up and I wanted one when I got older. So boom five kids. I am married to a very sweet older man, and the reason I tell you this is because our way of thinking doesn’t always coincide. My family and me own one shit head cat, one very spoiled dog, and two lizards that seen to be teetering on the verge of death most days.

My hobbies include getting a very active workout chasing the smaller children I have. I am a expert yeller, a poor negotiator…so I will never have a career in that. I very much enjoy doing puzzles, arts and crafts, fishing, spending time with my kids when they are being good. I love good company, I am a people person. I love to talk…so we are going to see where this blog takes me.