Octavia & Andromeda

Welcome to the exciting world of two of the most amazing characters you will ever meet. In this portion of my blog I have created two fun loving ,halarious, action packed women. Within thier stories you will get a sense of who these two really are together and apart, you will watch them grow. Please enjoy the story make sure you are really taking it all it…because it will be short and sweet, you will be dying for more. Please give it up for the tails of Andromeda and Octavia!!!

Back out of the Gray???

Hey to the five peeps that read my blog I am back. It has been a while…I have been working on putting myself into a new career. It has absolutely nothing to do with blogging, but I do type. I just wanted everyone to know I am back from that gray area of limbo. So you better watch out I have very interesting stories, thoughts, and advice for all you Octavian followers. Please spread the word of my awesomeness!!!!!

Pod Cast

Welcome back people!! Sorry a lot going on in life, kids keeping me busy. So I just wanted to let everyone know even though there are not a lot of you that I will be trying a Podcast!! My cousin suggested it…she was more leaning towards videos, but I am not ready to put my face out there as of yet. Still you can hear my sweet sedative high pitch child like voice. I am not really sure what the podcast will be about, probably about family they irritate me but I still love them. So look forward to my podcast I will be posting a link to it on my Blog. Love you my followers!!!